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Hiking pleasure in four countries

The Lake Constance region is predestined for hiking and boasts an outstanding network of hiking trails. Pleasant walking trails and more challenging hiking trails all lead to the same destination by Lake Constance: the heart of nature. Visitors can reach breathtaking view points or peaceful and relaxing sites on foot. The lake is never far away, tempting visitors to take a dip in the cool water on hot summer’s days.

Summit crosses or the lake shore?

Hiking along the shore:

The gentle footpaths along the shores of Lake Constance lead to natural beaches offering bathing and picnic facilities. Walkers pass through historic towns and communities with numerous local sights to visit. After a pleasant walk along the lake shore, visitors can return to their starting point with a comfortable trip on one of the Lake Constance scheduled boat services.

Anyone looking for a real challenge can walk all the way round the lake. The shore path takes visitors across borders and beyond cultural boundaries. Hiking around Lake Constance requires considerably more time than a cycle tour. Even experienced walkers should plan a time frame of 8-10 days.

Themed trails:

The numerous themed trails in the countryside around Lake Constance offer the chance to enjoy smaller walks – almost always with a breathtaking view over the lake. Walks on the theme of pleasure, such as the Tettnang hops path (8 km, altitude of 170 m), the Weinfelden wine path (9 km, altitude of 200 m) or the Altnau apple path (2-4 km, altitude of 90 m) provide hikers with information on fruit, wine and hop growing. The St.Gallen Panorama Tour (9 km, altitude of 450 m) offers pleasure of another kind. On experience trails for the entire family, such as the Thurgau fable path (11 km, altitude of 190 m) , even children will become little hiking fans.

Hiking in the mountains

The mountains are always within reach by Lake Constance. The foothills of the Alps stretch into the distance from the Austrian and Swiss shores. In a matter of minutes, a mountain railway whisks visitors up to the highest peaks around the lake, such as the Pfänder (1,046m, Austria) and the Säntis (2,502m, Switzerland). At the top, visitors are greeted by breathtaking views and extensive networks of hiking trails.

Up in the clouds, the more than 400-km-long network of hiking trails stretches as far as the Principality of Liechtenstein. The region boasts more than 32 peaks that rise above 2,000 metres. The highest of them all is the Vordere Grauspitz: at 2,599 metres, visitors can enjoy stunning views over the Rätikon mountain range and the neighbouring countries.

Gorges by Lake Constance

In contrast, a hike through a gorge seems to take visitors deep into the earth. Winding paths lead down to the foot of high rock faces. Little streams become roaring waterfalls. Walking here becomes a genuine adventure for the entire family.

  • Rappelochschlucht Gorge, Dornbirn (AT) - current closures tel.: +43 5572 22188
  • Marienschlucht Gorge, Bodman (DE) - closed due to a risk of landslides

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What will it be … A two-hour hike for the whole family with no hills and preferably a stop along the way for a nice snack? Or, a handicap-accessible hike with super views? The new Tour Portal delivers these exact results with a few clicks.

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Ausblick Säntis-Schwebebahn auf das Nebelmeer | © © Säntis-Schwebebahn AG

Mountain railway experiences

Cable cars take you to wonderful hiking areas and sunny terraces.

Nature and leisure experiences

The outstanding quality of the water and numerous natural aspects provide a home for flora and fauna and are also major attractions for visitors.
Konstanz: historical district Niederburg | © MTK, Dagmar Schwelle

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Interesting facts

Hiking all year round:

Lake Constance is the right place for the best time of the year. The nature around the lake can be seen in a different light depending on the season. In spring, the blooming fruit trees along the footpaths and hiking trails through Thurgau in Switzerland or on the German shore are quite enchanting. In summer, hiking trails along the flat shore are very appealing with their numerous bathing spots. Gorges and forest trails offer the chance to enjoy the cool shade. When the sun has lost some of its strength in autumn, this is the ideal time to embark on challenging hiking trails and tours lasting several days. In winter, the mountain peaks offer the possibility of snowshoe outings and pleasant walks in the snow.  

Crossing borders:

Four countries rub shoulders around Lake Constance: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Walking is the ideal means of crossing borders and travelling through countries. Don’t forget that when entering and leaving Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, there will be border controls. » Plan your Trip

Flora and fauna by Lake Constance:

Wine: The landscape is dotted with vines in all four countries of the Lake Constance wine region. Hiking trails lead through vineyards and offer plenty of opportunities for refreshment in wineries and taverns. More information about wine at Lake Constance »

Apples: Numerous fruit growers offer guided walks and tastings of Lake Constance apples, especially at harvest time in the late summer. Nor is a walk through the natural spectacle of the apple blossom to be missed. Apple Weeks at Lake Constance »

Bird watching: Lake Constance is a key stopover point on long journeys for numerous types of bird. While some species use the lake as an assembly point, others spend the entire winter here. Tips for bird watching:

  • Rhine delta nature reserve, Austria
  • Eriskirch nature conservation centre, Germany
  • Wollmatinger Ried nature conservation centre, Germany
  • Tours of the Radolfzell bird observatory, Germany
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