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Klettgauer Wine Route

Local Veloroute 751 – Veloland Schweiz

This route explores the largest area of contiguous vineyards in German-speaking Switzerland and Schaffhausen pinot noir country. Taste and admire the traditions of Swiss wine culture in the idyllic villages along the route.

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  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Route Length: 15 km
  • Ascent: 45 hm
  • Descent: 88 hm
  • Highest Elevation: 491 m
  • Lowest Point: 403 m
  • No Roundtrip

This region flourishes in September when the harvest festivals celebrate the annual bounty. Traditional villages come alive with festivities and good cheer, setting the stage for many happy moments.

Blue signs with the inscription "Veloroute 751 (Klettgauer Wein Route) on red signposts.

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8200 Schaffhausen

Tel.: +41 52 632 40 20
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