Lake Constance – A spiritual treasure chest

Ecclesiastical art and culture have shaped the international Lake Constance region as early as the 8th century and continues to inspire people to this day. The most important monasteries and church buildings are stone witnesses to living history. The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage monasteries of Reichenau and St.Gallen, the Council of Constance and the master builders of the baroque era shaped European culture. At Lake Constance, visitors celebrate traditional religious processions, join spiritual communities, walk pilgrimage sections along the Way of St. James and gather strength in the silence of consecrated places.

Current events

Church traditions are deeply rooted in the Lake Constance region and come to life at regional celebrations, harvest festivals and festive community processions year-round.

02. December 2023 until 18. February 2024

The most important sights at a glance

There were well over 300 monasteries in the Lake Constance region and many more churches and chapels.
Early medieval monks and nuns shaped Lake Constance culture resulting in an unparalleled landscape of spirituality,
nature and architecture. This interactive map gives an overview of the most interesting destinations.

Interactive Map

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Inspiration Lake Constance

The Lake Constance region preserves a rich treasury of important monasteries and churches, history and traditions including World Cultural Heritage sites, the Council of Constance, the Upper Swabian Baroque Road and the themes of "Living Traditions" and "Spirituality Plus."

Church Biberach

Churches and Chapels

Discover the relics of past eras in romantic baroque monasteries and parish churches.
Hegne Monastery | © Kloster Hegne

Monasteries: Historical and Present

A variety of religious orders were at home in the Lake Constance region including Benedictines, Dominicans, Franciscans, ...
Abbey Cathedral of St Gall, UNESCO World Heritage Site close to Lake Constance

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The Benedictine monasteries on Reichenau Island and in St.Gallen were major trendsetters in European art and culture.

Library room in the Wiblingen monastery | © Oberschwäbische Barockstraße

Upper Swabian Baroque Route

Stucco, ceiling paintings and artistic relics are the hallmarks of more than 50 churches and monasteries along the Baroque Road.
Konstanz: city ​​silhouette with the council of Constance and the Katamaran | © ©Dagmar Schwelle - MTK

Council of Constance

From 1414 to 1418 Constance hosted the largest religious Congress of the Middle Ages.
Lake Constance Gardens

Gardens, Art and Herbs

At Lake Constance, diligent gardeners have been creating oases of peace for centuries.

Spiritual Offers

Lake Constance offers its guests inspiring nature as well as room for quietude and spiritual experiences. It’s an ideal place for a soul holiday.

Meersburg Bible Gallery at Lake Constance


An overview of museums with church and monastery connections around Lake Constance.

Spiritually Events 

Ecclesiastical traditions nourish us when we celebrate together.
© Tourist-Information Hagnau

Spiritually Active

You know the saying: the journey is the destination. Indeed, there are many different routes that lead throughout the region.

Soul Holidays

Soothe your spirit. Spiritual overnights and bookable experiencecs for the soul.

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