The ornithological relevance of Lake Constance

As Far as Wings can Fly

When the leaves begin to change color and the last rays of sunshine disappear behind the Alps, the great travels begin and huge numbers of migratory birds head south again. Lake Constance lies strategically on the main migration route where birdwatchers enjoy ideal conditions to observe the busy skies at close range. There’s a constant bustle, whether it’s a transit layover or a winter’s rest in the temperate climate along the lakeshore – Lake Constance is a birdwatching paradise year-round.

Off the beaten track

On Lake Constance, there are many ways to observe birds in their natural habitat. You have the choice to observe from a ship’s deck, on foot through the tall reeds on a guided excursion, or in a world-class science facility where exploration centers invite curious minds into their research areas. You can take the whole family out for a few hours into the nature reserve, book a guided tour or take an individual discovery tour for the hobby ornithologist in your party. Whatever your style, there’s a tour of discovery waiting.

The Best Time to Visit?

The doors are always open on Lake Constance! Nature has no business hours and more than 300 bird species can be observed year round. The best time to visit our flying friends are the autumn, winter and spring months. At this time, peace and calm reigns on the lake while nature awakens to amazing life.

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Birdwatching on Lake Constance means:

Birdwatching lookout points

NABU - Wollmatinger Marsh

The NABU Nature Reserve „Wollmatinger Marsh“, extending over an area of 774 hectare, is the largest nature reserve on the German shore of Lake Constance.

Das "Eriskircher Ried" | © Gerhard Kersting

The Eriskirch Marsh

The Eriskirch Marsh is the biggest nature reserve on the northern shore of Lake Constance. It reaches from Friedrichshafen till Langenargen.

Birdwatching in Rhine Delta, Vorarlberg

One of the best birding sites Austria has to offer is the Rhine Delta in the westernmost state of Vorarlberg, on the shores of Lake Constance.

Max-Planck Institut für Ornithologie, Radolfzell

Max-Planck-Institute for Animal Behaviour

Our research goal at the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior is to understand the pulse of the planet through the eyes and ears of animals. In mid-2019, the institute in Radolfzell was separated...

Birdwatching auf dem Wasser

Birdwatching on board

The Schweizerische Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Untersee und Rhein (URh) offers a wide range of services along the Rhine river landscape, which counts to one of the most beautiful European river journeys.

Birka Bird Paradise | © Liechtenstein Marketing

Birka Bird Paradise

Numerous bird species such as parakeets, macaws, amazons, peacocks, parrots and pheasants can be observed here.

Falconry Galina  | © Liechtenstein Marketing

Falconry Galina

Mr. Vögeli has done what few before him could accomplish ... a “marriage” to his eagle lady. He owes this enormous feat to a vast knowledge and understanding of birds of prey.

All you need to know about Birdwatching around Lake Constance

  A tour through the four-country region is the best way to discover the nature reserve areas and lookout-points in a relaxed way. Tour suggestions and all you need to know about the seasons and the different types of birds can be found here:

Das "Eriskircher Ried", Eriskirch | © Gerhard Kersting

Tour suggestion

Discover the Hotspots of Birdwatching within 6 days..
Red-crested pochard in Rhine Delta | © Hollenstein D.

The Year of Birds

On Lake Constance every season has a lot to offer. The best time for Birdwatching? Always!
Great crested grebe in Rhine Delta | © Hollenstein D.

Variety of Birds

Whether endangered species or on seasonal journey - Lake Constance is home to a variety of birds...